Sheila Leta: Finding a Vocation in Revenue Assurance

November 20, 2009 at 1:01 pm Leave a comment

“How are you?” is one of the most common questions people ask in greeting. ‘’ When Sheila Leta of Uganda answers this question she does not give the standard answer ‘fine, thank you.’ Rather, her answer is an expression of her faith. Ask her how she is and she will tell you, “I’m blessed,” or “I am shining.” It is her faith that sustains her through her busy days as a revenue assurance professional, mother of two and wife of an aspiring church leader. “I love putting my faith to work,” she says. “The bible says; I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I like to see that at work in my life. “

sheila Her church is a very important part of her life and recently, she and her husband were responsible for running a pastoral charge. “This was a very busy time, because he was studying, we were both working and caring for our family.” With two very young children, time is always at a premium. “I have the help of a nanny who stays with my kids, but there is still a lot of work to do when I get home —I jump from one job to another!” she laughs.

Sheila attended university in Tanzania where she graduated with a Bachelor of Electronic Science and Communications. After graduation, she worked for a clearing and forwarding company and later telecoms. She has been in her current position for the last two and a half years. Always testing her own strength, she found her original position lacked challenge and she asked to be transferred to another department where she hoped to find more challenge. She worked in the more technical areas of the telco before finding her true vocation in revenue assurance. Now she feels she has a job she loves. She enjoys the broader overview over the entire company and being able to follow the revenue stream from beginning to end is a process that interests her greatly.

Sheila has found the GRAPA training to be very enlightening. “Management was always as helpful as possible, sharing what they knew, and often referring to The Telco Revenue Assurance Handbook, but we still didn’t feel we were being effective. We knew there was revenue leakage, but didn’t know where to find it or the best approach to stop it.” She found the handbook essential. However, with the GRAPA training she is finding that she is learning much more and learning to focus on the exact scope of revenue assurance. “Now I can take the initiative and do what I believe will fix a problem from the roots. The results will be more accountable to management, consistent and quantifiable. This training has helped me to focus. I will waste less time doing things that are not priority. I feel I finally know what revenue assurance is all about.”

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