Change and Challenge in Revenue Assurance and Auditing: Jeffrey Singayan

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“As auditors it is not enough to know how to detect controls and put them in place. We have to acknowledge that telecommunications is a fast moving industry and we need to keep abreast of new developments, gather the right knowledge and marry these controls into a very high powered technology,” explained Jeffrey Singayan during GRAPA training in Luxembourg. “This training has strengthened my impression that the telecom industry is very dynamic and you have to be on your toes to keep up.”

However, for Jeffrey, that very dynamism and energy makes his role as internal auditor appealing. “The auditing practice is, I think, built on precepts that are quite established. Although there are relevant controls in all industries, in telecoms the practice becomes more challenging because of the rapidly changing technology. I find that exciting. This is a place I enjoy being.”

Jeffrey completed his education with a bachelor’s degree in accountancy. He then worked for the Bank of the Philippine Islands, one of the largest banks in the country. He began as a financial auditor, and after he took his CPA exams and a programmer’s aptitude test he qualified to be an IT auditor. From there Jeffrey moved on to Sykes, a business process outsourcing service, based in Florida and with many locations in North and South America. “I was with them for about 1 year and received experience in SOX audits from there.”

Now, working for a multi-national telecommunications provider, Jeffrey finds himself in a very new industry. “This is a big change and challenge for me. IT audits in banking are very conservative so the controls are extremely strict and stringent. I am not saying there are no controls in the telecom industry but here, in my situation, the technology dictates the controls. You have to adjust the controls based on what the technology gives you, as opposed to banking, where it is more about procedures and practices.”

When not working, Jeffrey admits to being a channel surfer. “I admit I am a television addict and will watch almost anything on TV. I am always flipping through the channels. I like to watch series like the American science fiction drama Heroes and the espionage series 24.” When he is home in the Philippines Jeffrey likes to work out at the gym where he spends time with friends. “I’ve become a lot more fitness conscious. In between assignments, that’s where I go to socialize.” He also enjoys reading novels during his downtime.

Even though he finds the travel tiring and the job is still new, Jeffrey says he is excited to be learning and experiencing what his new field has to offer. “I really enjoy going to new places. It is interesting to be able stay a little in each place and get to know the people. I am learning more about cultures and meeting new friends. That is very enjoyable for me.”

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