Marie Laure Steichen: Taking on the Human Challenge in Revenue Assurance

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Marie-Laure Steichen is 29, of French and Luxembourgish descent and currently working for a multi-national telecommunications operator in Luxembourg. Marie attended business school and has a Masters Degree in management with a major in marketing. She graduated in 2004 and although most of her education was in France, she briefly attended school in Sweden. Marie describes the experience of living in a different culture with students from around the world as very rewarding. She feels studying in Sweden improved her English but found the style of study quite different to what she had experienced in France. “I was with many foreign students and the teaching was quite different. It was more pragmatic and proactive, based on discussions and reactions rather than the lecture based model I was used to.” Marie’s education also included two internships, the first with IBM France.marie

On completing her education, she joined ArcelorMittal, a steel company before moving on to her current employment. “IT, telecommunications and new technology has always been appealing to me, but it’s not something I envisioned at the beginning of my education.” In fact, Marie did her final internship with the European Court of Auditors based in Luxembourg. “The European Court of Auditors basically checks the EUs funds. There I was doing project management and process evaluations.”

The concept of revenue assurance may be new to Marie, but with the focused GRAPA training, it is something she intends to integrate into what she already does. “The training has helped me understand the process and the language,” she explains. “I had no idea how deep, different and detailed the process of revenue assurance is. Certainly, in the area of forensics, there are many similarities between revenue assurance and internal audits. But, the internal auditor doesn’t have any of the operational responsibilities.”

Travel is a large part of Marie’s role. Although the first challenge of her job within telecommunications is to understand the processes, she found equal challenge in the human factor. “Fifty percent of our work is human relations and you constantly deal with people of different cultures and backgrounds. Even your colleagues are of different cultures. You have to be sensitive about how you behave, and speak to people in a way that makes them comfortable answering your questions. You have to respect the rules even if it is against a personal belief.”

Work takes up a great amount of Marie’s time but she does like to indulge in her passions—music, cinema and socializing with her friends. When her schedule allows, she enjoys volunteering at cinema festivals and comedy and science fiction movies are her favorites. She also enjoys pop and rock music, going to concerts and dancing. From her mother she received a treasured collection of cookbooks and she has taken cooking lessons in Indian cuisine. Her specialty is dessert, that culinary universal language that her friends new and old, appreciate.

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